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Simon Katan’s ‘Clamour’ at the Roundhouse

Head of Creative Computing, Simon Katan writes about the premier of his work ‘Clamour’ at the Roundhouse in Camden

Last Thursday my work Clamour premiered at the Roundhouse Camden’s Sackler Space. The work is an interactive mixed media theatre performance for live coder which is experienced simultaneously through audience smartphones, projection and sound. The aim is to wryly and reflexively interrogate how technology and social media mediate and influence our knowledge, relationships, and identities. 


The piece tells the story of Sealand – a lone outpost surrounded by vast swathes of ocean – the sole surviving nation of global catastrophe. Now faced with an existential fight for its future, its people must forge the tools they require. New rules must be written, paving the way for a new state of being. With their resourcefulness and through working together what could go wrong? Throughout the performance, an inscrutable figure on stage (that’s me) controls all from their laptop – shaping divergent audience experiences with heuristic games that charm, frustrate and deceive. Yet it is the audience themselves, through gameplay with image, sound, and text, who determine the shape of the final performance.


I’ve been working on elements of the piece through various commissions over the last five years, and for this final stage I collaborated with digital artist Luke Fraser to bring everything together. Our development process involved numerous user testing sessions with Goldsmiths computing students to fine tune our interaction.


After a nerve wracking 15 minutes of dealing with the usual Wifi difficulties, the performance got underway. In such a performance it’s difficult to gauge reactions but a sprinkling of chuckles throughout gave me a good indication that things were progressing to plan. Read a review here


A programme of regional touring is planned for Spring and Summer of 2019. You can find out more at

Creative computing courses at Goldsmiths

We are one of the top interdisciplinary computing departments in the country – working across art, music, journalism, gaming, and many other subject areas. This video features students and staff from our creative undergraduate and postgraduate programmes talking about how the culture of Goldsmiths makes us unique.

Please see the Goldsmiths website for further details about the courses that we offer:

If you wish to pursue undergraduate study, please note that the UCAS deadline for application for September 2015 entry is 15th January 2015.

Goldsmiths Computing graduate in the Guardian

Ben Glover

Ben Glover – a recent graduate from BSc Creative Computing (2014) has been featured in the Guardian’s Culture Professionals Network.

During his time at Goldsmiths he developed a project to discover ways of using experimental software and hardware to generate interactive visualisations that are controlled by body movements. Dancers and choreographers were able to use this technology during the development and performance of a dance piece.

Working in collaboration with a dance student, ‘Interactive Technology in Dance’ was built using motion sensing gaming device, Microsoft Kinect, and open source C++ toolkit, OpenFrameworks. The software built by OpenFrameworks produced mathematically-generated images that could be controlled by body movements and gestures using the depth camera technology behind Kinect. The images in turn could be projected onto a screen for multiple uses in a studio or stage.

He is currently working as a freelance web designer with IntrAktion and is about to commence an MA in Digital Theatre at Wimbledon University.