🦋 Creative Machine AI, VR and Robotics in the Arts Symposium and Exhibition

The Creative Machine AI, VR and Robotics in the Arts Symposium, hosted by the Department of Computing and supported by The Alan Turing Institute, was a one-day event that brought together leading figures from the Computing and Arts communities to contend with questions relating to machine creativity in the wake of new developments in artificial intelligence and art.

This event comprised an academic symposium, consisting of both panels and talks from expert speakers, and an exhibition, which included work from cutting edge AI artists. The event was sold out and extremely well receive.

The event was run and organised by a delegation of creative researchers from the Department of Computing: Prof Larisa Soldatova, Prof William Latham, Prof Frederic Fol Laymarie, Prof Sylvia Xueni Pan, Prof Marco Gillies, Sumit Paul-Choudhury, Rachel Falconer, Nicky Donald and Conference Organiser Pauline Nottingham.

The first Creative Machine Exhibition (Curated by Professors William Latham, Frederic Fol Leymarie and Atau Tanaka) was launched in October 2014 in the Hatcham Gallery, with the aim of hosting a major exhibition exploring the twilight world between human and machine creativity. The core underlying idea was could a machine replace the human artist? And if not could the machine be an effective creative partner to the artist?


The symposium included several panels and sessions, each one focusing on a different aspect of creativity and artificial intelligence.

  • Session 1: AI & Creativity
  • Panel 1: Curating AI & VR ARt
  • Session 2: Visual Computing
  • Session 3: Affective Computing
  • Session 4: Robotics, Avatars and AI
  • Panel 2: Creative or Not?


The event featured a number of artworks and installations from artists working with creative technologies.

  • Alexander Reben
  • Han Yajuan
  • Andy Lomas
  • Entangled Others
Entangled Others, Sediment Nodes, 2022
  • Flo Yuting Zhu
  • Daniel Berio
  • Lance Putnam & William Latham (Harmonic Infinity)
  • Ao Lei
  • Jake Elwes
  • Libby Heaney
  • Max Jala
  • Memo Akten
Artwork by Memo Atken, 2022
  • Nye Thompson & UBERMORGEN
  • Terence Broad
  • Wiliam Latham, Stephen & Peter Todd (Mutator)
William Latham, Stephen & Peter Todd, Mutator VR / Physics Mutations, 2022
  • Bobby Zhaocheng Xiong
  • Pierre-Francois Gerard