🎓 Head of Computing: Jennifer George

Dr Jennifer George has been re-appointed as Head of Computing for three more years. Jennifer took over from Professor Robert Zimmer back in 2019, and has guided the Department through the pandemic, making it more inclusive for staff and students.

Dr Jennifer George

With over twenty years of teaching experience, Jennifer has worked in several institutions across private, Russell Group and Post 1992 HEI sectors before landing a Lecturer position at Goldsmiths in 2007. Jennifer remained at Goldsmiths until 2014, to re-joined the Department in 2019.

«Jennifer took over the role of Head of Computing at a time of great change for Goldsmiths. Her strong and supportive attitude was exactly the kind of leadership the Department needed.»

— Alan Zucconi, Director of Postgraduate Studies

Her research focuses on the field of Human-Computer Interaction, with a strong attention to how technology can help people living disabilities. One of her latest papers focused on Supporting Dyslexia in the Programming Classroom.

«Jennifer is an extremely thoughtful and supportive leader. Of the many things she has done for our department I’d particularly like to mention her dedication to making the subject of computing more inclusive. In subject that is often seen as very exclusive she has challenged all us staff to really work to do all we can to support women, students from diverse cultural backgrounds and particularly students with disabilities. This work is making the department of computing a much more welcoming space and a better learning environment for everyone.»

— Prof Marco Gillies, Head of TaLIC (former Depty Head of Computing)

You can find Dr Jennifer George on Twitter and LinkedIn.