🎨 Tropical Lab 16 @ LASALLE College of Art 2022

Tropical Lab is an annual international art camp organised by LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore, for masters degree and PhD candidates. Over two weeks artists from international art schools and institutions undertake workshops and seminars in Singapore exploring various aspects of history, geography, culture and aesthetics.

Earlier this summer, Goldsmiths was pleased to send two students from the Masters in Computational Arts: Katie Tindle and Yasmin Jones.

«I would like to thank Goldsmiths for allowing us to take this transformative trip, and for LASALLE for being such consummate hosts. The experience was rigorous, challenging and incredibly fruitful.»

— Katie Tindle

If you are interested in the intersection between Art and Technology, check out the MA/MFA Computational Arts programme. The recent degree show, themed (Sub) Systems, took place on the 1st of September.