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Wearable Technology

Haruna Sawai

Apple and Samsung were one of the first companies to introduce wearable technology known as Apple Watch and Galaxy Gear. Both products made our life style even more convenient by installing fitness tracking and easily receive notifications. Knowing those two products are bestseller of wearable technology, I was keen to research on other wearable technologies in the market.

Ringly Aries collection


Ringly treats its wearable tech products like fashion pieces. They are first organisation in jewellery industry to introduce smart tech inside the jewellery. The product is aimed for busy women and mothers to filter out which notifications they want to receive by paring with the smart phone with both IOS and Android. Aries collection is very similar to Apple watch or Galaxy Gear, it is connected with over 100 apps and it notifies with a vibration and colourful LED to choose from. The bracelet has the function to even use it as step tracker so when you reach your goal, it instantly notifies you. Inside contains battery that last up to 24-48 hours, motor with 4 vibration settings, LED light with 5 notification colours, accelerometer to track your steps and Antenna that holds 20-30 foot range from your phone. This product definitely make busy women's day smarter by always notifying them without constantly checking on their phone. I think Ringly effectively caught consumer's attention as the smart bracelet is still fashionable even though it's a tech. I personally think smart watch looks too futuristic and looks too much of gadget. Therefore, it is great to have gadgets but still looks pretty to wear.

Spectacles by Snapchat


Snapchat will be releasing a product called Spectacles that allows you to record 10-second clips that can be sent via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to your smartphones. The camera has wider lens than normal smartphones, with a 115-degree angle that is more like to human vision. Spectacles have a single button that you press to begin recording your snap. The beauty of this product is that because they are just sunglasses, it will be inexpensive compared to Google's Glasses. Spectacles is great way to record quality snaps however, there are many consequences such as it will only record quality snaps if you have decent lightening. On the other hand, price performance is good at only £100 where as Google Glass was sold at £1000 so it will be an easy stretch for consumers.


CAD Designers


CAD designers are important people when it comes to designing 3D modelling. There are various job roles such as architecture, creating furniture and jewellery modelling. They usually start with simple sketches to first visualise the product then they test it out and make the actual 3D piece. Rhino software is popular as it is ideal to set the shapes of 3D piece. The main advantage of the software is the representation of precise elements, sizes, curves and surfaces during CAD design process. Many jewellery CAD designers prefer to use Rhino as it helps to create very difficult and detailed model. 3D modelling is often conveniently used as designers desires to see many samples of jewellery before selling on the market.

Henry Sergerman


Henry Sergerman is an artist, which he turns complex mathematical three- dimensional geometry his areas of expertise in sculpture form. Henry Sergerman also uses the software Rhino to construct 3D shapes. Not only he makes sculptures through 3D modelling but produces lampshades that create beautiful shadows. He delightfully uses the 3D modelling software to create something artistic especially using mathematical geometry.

My main project

For my main project I am very interested to make wearable technology but still stylish to wear. I am keen to use 3D modelling software to design the jewellery. After creating the 3D modelling, it will be moulded and then will pick whatever metal desired. Inside the jewellery, I maybe will be using Particle Io so that it will be connected to Internet and users can receive notifications for example text messages. It will also be connected to twitter thus when somebody mentions about you, you will instantly be informed. I will have to build a simple app to pair with the phone via either Bluetooth or Internet. I am excited to build something smart and futuristic yet intimacy for audience of this generation.

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