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An algorithm walks into a bar and orders a new joke: Prof Simon Colton on Radio 4

Professor Simon Colton leads the Computational Creativity Group here at Goldsmiths (based in the Department of Computing). Last week he appeared on BBC Radio 4 in comedian, Natalie Haynes’ documentary about computational creativity and humour. She writes:

Simon Colton of Goldsmiths College showed me how his algorithms search the day’s newspapers to calculate, from the headlines, whether it’s a happy day or a sad one. The programme’s mood is thus decided, and it can write something akin to poetry by picking key words from the newspaper articles themselves. Mr Colton’s computer can also turn Twitter into verse, finding short chunks of prose which fit the mood he’s chosen, then picking tweets which rhyme and scan and putting them in a meaningful order.

You can read Natalie’s full piece in The Independant here.