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Is Business Computing at Goldsmiths right degree for you?

Business Computing is for you if you are passionate about computing technology and how it is transforming our world and businesses. You should relish the challenge of developing a new software application but also be excited about the potential that application has for transforming people’s lives. You should be a creative and innovative individual who can see how the web and mobile apps are changing the way we live our life and want to make your own contribution to that innovation. If you have ever had an idea for an app that you think could change the world or be a mass market success but need to learn the technical and business skills to make it happen, then this is the degree for you.

Business Computing: Careers

An important question for anyone applying to do a university degree is: what jobs can I do once I graduate? That is why we are designing our new BSc Business Computing very much around the needs of the workplace. It is designed to get you jobs in the computing sector that is increasingly central to modern business. The technology sector is one of the fastest moving and innovative in the economy and needs graduates that have the creative and entrepreneurial skills to develop new product ideas but also the technical skills to implement them. This applies to small start up businesses where innovation is at the core of their work but also to large companies that need to be entrepreneurial in order to continue to lead in the market place. 

The mix of business and technology skills you will learn in our degree mean that you are well placed for a number of different jobs in the computing. You could be a software developer whose understanding of the needs of business will make you highly valuable to your employer, or you could be a manager that is able to understand and work with both the business requirements of your company and the technical details of software development. Finally, you will also be well placed to start your own business, where you will initially be responsible for all aspects of the work both running the business and developing the technology.

An Introduction to our new BSc Business Computing

We are working in partnership with Goldsmiths’ Institute of Management and Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship to launch our new BSc Business Computing. This degree will teach you how to develop and work with

Dr James Ohene-Djan, Programme Leader for BSc Business Computing

computing technologies for the 21st century’s innovative hi-tech businesses. Our unique creative approach to computing will uniquely place you to work in contemporary business where design is a vital part of technology development, from London’s vibrant start up scene to global players such as google and apple. This course will teach you to develop new technology driven business propositions with an entrepreneurial, innovation driven approach that is vital both to business start ups and the most forward thinking global corporations.

The course will teach you core technology skills based around computer programming and software development together with a range of business skills such as marketing, business planning and project management. Throughout your degree you will combine these skills in hands on projects that in which you will design technology based business propositions and implement them in software. From your first few weeks you will develop websites and mobile apps design for particular markets ranging from pre-school children to hardcore gamers. Your degree will culminate in the final year with a major project in which you will write a full business case for a software product and implement a prototype which could be the starting point of your own creative high tech business