Business Computing: Careers

An important question for anyone applying to do a university degree is: what jobs can I do once I graduate? That is why we are designing our new BSc Business Computing very much around the needs of the workplace. It is designed to get you jobs in the computing sector that is increasingly central to modern business. The technology sector is one of the fastest moving and innovative in the economy and needs graduates that have the creative and entrepreneurial skills to develop new product ideas but also the technical skills to implement them. This applies to small start up businesses where innovation is at the core of their work but also to large companies that need to be entrepreneurial in order to continue to lead in the market place. 

The mix of business and technology skills you will learn in our degree mean that you are well placed for a number of different jobs in the computing. You could be a software developer whose understanding of the needs of business will make you highly valuable to your employer, or you could be a manager that is able to understand and work with both the business requirements of your company and the technical details of software development. Finally, you will also be well placed to start your own business, where you will initially be responsible for all aspects of the work both running the business and developing the technology.