On 4th and 5th December C&R space in Deptford held performances of the work of  Elías Merino, Rian Treanor and Daniel del Rio with ‘three approaches to abstract computer-generated music’. They presented their project ‘The Nothing, Seeking Answers’ a multifocal installation, based on a set of unanswered questions, conceptual reflections and hermeneutics about abstract computer music and algorithmic composition.

The installation allowed for complete immersion within the varied soundscapes, set in darkness apart from the spill of light from the entrance, with the composers completely hidden from view.

Elías Merino, a composer and sonic artist presented an abstract composition of pure sine waves against,  distortion, fizzle and creeks, contrasting meditative sound against abrasive noise. He develops his work in computer-generated composition, electroacoustic music, soundscape and concrète sounds as an abstract and imaginary object away from the acoustic environment, processing sound through digital technology.