Download a ZIP

Here’s a downloadable link to version 2.3.1 of full RAPID-MIX API repository:

This archive is updated with major, stable versions. For the most current code, use GIT. Older versions are archived here.

Installing with GIT

clone the repository

install and update dependancies

Navigate your main repository directory and type the following command:

This pulls the following RAPID-MIX dependancies:

  • RapidLib
  • XMM
  • PiPo
  • GVF
  • RepoVizz2 Client (NB: this has its own dependancies. See instructions here).

Building with CMake

Navigate to /RAPID-MIX_API and run the shell script: ./

Or, run this in a terminal:

This builds a dynamic library called libRAPID-MIX_API, a test app called rapidmixTest, and the helloRapidMix example. The source for the test app is  in tests/rapidmixTest.cpp.

CMake can also build IDE projects. To do this for XCode:

This can work for any of the CMake generators.

Third party libraries

The RAPID-MIX API depends on jsoncpp for JSON file I/O, SVM is implemented using LIBSVM, and the units tests rely on the Catch testing framework.

These libraries are distributed with this software.