Hello Rapid Mix

Hello Rapid Mix is a quick example that uses a neural network (regression) to generate a MIDI note to frequency in Hertz converter. It is a console app with no external dependancies.

using openFrameworks:



This example takes webcam input and feeds it into a staticClassifier. This can be used for object recognition. Once trained, the classifier can be used to identify presence or absence of specific objects (like a cup or a pencil) in a video frame. Identification of classes changes the video colour and audio output.







This example takes webcam input and uses face tracking and a staticRegression model. Mouth positions are mapped to vowel formant synthesis, implemented in Maximilian.





This example uses the Myo or the mouse to control a drum machine. Rhythms are expressed as a vector of probabilities, and staticRegression is used to smoothly interpolate between two rhythms. With the Myo, overall tension controls the gain.

using JUCE:


Mouse to synth mapping. This is an example that maps mouse positions (X, Y pairs) to an arbitrary number of synthesiser parameters using staticRegression() and PWM synthesis in Maximilian;



using Repovizz2:

Repovizz2 basic C++ client

C++ client library for repovizz2, including a usage example (main.cpp). Allows users to write their own clients in order to upload, retrieve, and edit datapacks using the repovizz2 API.