RAPID-MIX API is a toolkit for sensor integration, machine learning & interactive audio.

Whether you’re an artist, designer, maker, educator, or creative company, RAPID-MIX API lets you build awesome projects which integrate complex data using easy to learn APIs.

RAPID-MIX API enables creators to…

  • Make instruments

    Create mappings between gesture and computer sounds. Control a drum machine using your webcam! Play Ableton using a Kinect!

  • Control games

    Control interactive visual environments created in Processing, OpenFrameworks, Quartz Composer, or game engines like Unity, using gestures from webcam, Kinect, Arduino, etc.

  • Get analysis & feedback

    Build classifiers to detect which gesture a user is performing. Use the identified gesture to control the computer or to inform the user how they’re doing.

  • Retrieve musical information

    Detect instrument, genre, pitch, rhythm, etc. of audio coming into the microphone, and use this to control computer audio, visuals, etc.