What is CSynth?

CSynth is a physics based interactive visualisation platform for DNA and RNA molecular strands. This is currently a working prototype based on the FoldSynth program. It is designed to provide an engaging way to explore and understand the complex structure of the genome in 3D by integrating data from next generation sequencing, modelling and microscopy.

The models use accurate polymer modelling to get the best possible structure to inform a more coarse, residue-level simulation. Hence it is possible for a typical desktop or laptop computer to compute these dynamics in realtime for a variety of molecule scales, with a high degree of interactivity. This enhanced level of interactivity combined with the simultaneous display of 3D spatial visualisation with more abstract – and as such, often less comprehensible – 2D and 1D diagrams allows the user to gain a tacit understanding of the nature of these abstract relationships.

CSynth also has been built from the ground up to utilise Virtual Reality and for the first time it is possible to look at the these 3D structures at a molecular level in a completely immersive environment.

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