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Every year the Department of Computing is organising field trips to various art and games-related events. This week it was Develop:Brighton, the largest UK-based event for game developers.

As always, Goldsmiths had a strong presence, with a small delegation of staff and students from various programmes!

MA/MSc Computer Games & MA Indie Games

  • Professor William Latham
  • Fede Fasce
  • Richard Leinfellner
  • Dr Lance Putnam
  • Gorm Lai

MA/MSc Virtual & Augmented Reality

  • Dr Sylvia Xueni Pan
  • Tara Collingwoode-Williams
Dr Sylvia Xueni Pan & Professor William Latham were attending in style

The biggest Develop yet! Great bumping into so many people from when I was in consoles games development over twenty years ago!  The message on the floor that I heard again and again is that there is currently a massive skills shortage in the UK Games Industry which bodes well for our games students and Alumni. Great seeing our star Goldsmiths PhD Students Gorm and Tara present to full rooms! – Professor William Latham

Several students were also volunteering. If you are a student yourself, this is a great opportunity to attend the event for free and establish a solid networking base!

Our students volunteering at Develop:Brighton


Two of our fellow scholars also had a chance to talk about their research.

Tara Collingwoode-Williams attending Develop:Brighton

Tara Collingwoode-Williams talked about the exciting world of research on Virtual Humans, and how they have been utilized for training and collaboration in VR. Her talk, “Get Immersed! Virtual Humans in Training and Collaboration in Virtual Reality“, was part of the “Coding” and “Art” tracks.

People attending Gorm Lai’s talk

Gorm Lai, PhD Candidate in the IGGI Programme and indie veteran gave a talk July titled “AI Supported Tools for Game Development” as part of the “Coding” track.

Gorm Lai presenting his research

We are looking forward to attend Develop:Brighton next year. And if you see any of us, please do not hesitate to say hello! 👋