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Student profile: Mohamad Hussain, MA/MSc Digital Journalism

Who I am?

I am Syrian Journalist who has worked for last 7 years in journalism. I was doing three jobs at the same time back in Syria: political editor at Syrian Arab News Agency, Editorial Assistant at SyriaToday Magazine, Researcher At Spacetoon Media Group. I also did a Master thesis entitled “News Characteristics in Arabic Websites”

Why I did this course?

I chose this course after spending around three months looking at and checking courses about media, communication and journalism. I closely looked at more than 200 courses online and asked friends and former students what they though of them.

Finally, I settled on Digital Journalism at Goldsmiths. Firstly, my friends who studied at UK and my British friends rated Goldsmiths very high in fields of media, communication and computing, everyone encouraged me to choose goldsmiths. Secondly, when I looked at the course modules, it struck me that it was as if the person who combined the course content was able to read my mind. I immediately thought: this is what I am looking for.

The syllabus seemed very practical and comprehensive and combined almost everything I wanted to learn to be able to do what I always dreamt of but could not due to lack of knowledge and skills or lack of knowing what is possible. This course made my wishes come true with all the training on journalism and computing.

What skills I have built?

– News writing and editing

– Conducting interviews

– Broadcast journalism storytelling, filming and video editing

– Digital project management

– Web design and development and websites building

– Computer programming

– Digital research methods for online media

This course enabled me to do things faster and more accurately and more efficiently. Things I previously thought were impossible now seem very easy to achieve with the arsenal of digital tools the course introduced me to.

This course made me into a multi-skilled Ninja rather than a soldier and made me an integrated part of any media organization and improved my communication skills and knowledge in the multidisciplinary fields that media organizations operate within nowadays.

I know other students acquired a different set of skills based on what they need the most for the career path they are building for themselves as the teachers are very liberal and supportive of what students want.

What do media organizations think?

When I was doing an innovation internship at Wall Street Journal with two classmates, journalists wanted to learn from us the things we learnt on the programme—especially the digital skills.

Whenever I meet with professionals from media organization and tell them about things we learn and practice on the MA/MSc Digital Journalism they are impressed and wowed, and tell me that there will be high demand for graduates of this programme.

Who is this course for?

Personally, I think this course is for students who have done some journalism before but they feel they can take journalism to the next level with innovation and digital technologies.

It is for journalists who want to make the future of journalism and be at least 10 years ahead of industry. It is for those who are not afraid of learning new things and combining unlikely tools and techniques from previously unconnected domains of science. I found myself combining political science with machine learning with computational linguistics with journalism to do my project for one of the classes.


 I will tell you a secret, take advantage of these things when you are at Goldsmiths:

– Ask the teachers for advice for anything comes to your mind, they are very nice people.

– Wander around the books in the library, they have great collection of books.

– They have all the media equipment, studios, labs and software. Use them 🙂