Meet Eduardo, our Department Student Co-ordinator.

Eduardo is a student on the BSc Creative Computing (integrated degree). This year he has been doing a wonderful job of one of our Department Student Co-ordinators, representing the student body to both the department itself and to Goldsmiths. Here he tells us a little about himself and his experiences of Goldsmiths:

I am a mature student with a young heart. At the moment I am in the foundation year to shape up and get the tools I need to become a computer scientist. I knew about Goldsmiths because some of my friends who were studying at the university already told me the wonders of studying here.

I was thinking about coming back to education for some time, and after attending to an open day and having a chat with the Computing Department peeps I was convinced I wanted to study here. Studying at Goldsmiths for me has been a great experience and a rollercoaster of emotions, I have met good friends, and given the opportunity to get involved in the academic life, by working closely with students, teachers and other academic figures to support students as Student Coordinator and this way become a bridge for better understanding between the two sides.

My tutors have given me many gifts to be thankful for, like logical thinking and understanding computing behaviour, the hunger for researching, and creating my own personal and creative ways to develop my ideas so I can walk my own path.

Finally studying at Goldsmith has given me the ultimate gift, which is a dream of an amazing future and a second opportunity in life to become the person I want to be.