An introduction to our new BSc Games Programming

We are building on the success of Msc Games and Entertainment and our close links with the Games Industry to launch our new BSc Games Programming. We have talked extensively to the games industry to know what they want out of the degrees for the next generation of games programmers. They said they want is strong technical computing skills that will enable graduates to develop AAA games on the latest platforms That is why we are developing a hardcore degree that teaches the programming and maths skills you will need as a games programmer.

The games industry, first and foremost, want strong programming and computer science skills which is why BSc Games Programming is our most technically challenging computing degree with a strong emphasis on programming. But industry also wants graduates that are passionate about games and know how to develop games. That is why we have designed the degree so that you learn everything you need to learn by actually creating games. From the very beginning you will develop games in an environment modelled on the industry and with a particular focus on team work. In your first term you will be developing a a mobile game based on your own design, which you will pitch to our games industry experts. From then on you will work with a variety of industry standard engines and platforms such as Unity3D, Cryengine, iPhone, Android and Xbox, each time developing a full playable game of your own design.