🗣️ “Moments Spent with Others” In Conversation with Rachel Falconer

Last week the digital art house GAZELL.iO inaugurated Brendan Dawes’ solo show titled “Moments Spent with Others“. The exhibition explores the beauty behind moments that may initially seem insignificant and how the concept of time and space is connected to the captivating feeling of interacting with others.

For the occasion, Rachel Falconer (independent networked curator and researcher and Head of Digital Arts Computing here at Goldsmiths) joined Brendan Dawes for a very open conversation. This special talk contextualises the artist’s show, sharing space around iterative memory networks, the resistance and agency of galleries in the age of NFT culture and the refusal of algorithmic aesthetic regimes. 

Moments Spent with Others consists of algorithmic visuals derived from mundane moments that somehow stick to one’s memory. After the recent lockdown period, human interaction became more precious as we grew used to detaching ourselves from other people. From personal yet universally relatable moments like sitting on a park bench in Soho, New York, whilst eating a slice of pizza, to people-watching in a bustling hub, Dawes embraces these moments by recreating them into datasets algorithms and data visualisations. Dawes draws much of his inspiration from popular culture and nature, often revolving his work around the concept of time and memory – and how these can intertwine. These analytical explorations have been an ongoing theme over Dawes’ career, as he questions our understanding of the surrounding world.

The AI algorithmic visuals will be presented in a unique, site-specific way to recreate the fleeting nature of memories. A new series of NFTs will accompany the exhibition.

If you are interested in the field of digital art, consider joining the BSc Digital Arts Computing programme at Goldsmiths.