EXCEPT/0N Computational Arts show


Welcome to our MA/MFA Computational Arts show EXCEPT/0N: Divided by Zero,  a show demonstrating the rich and diverse spectrum of possibilities in creative computation.

From Artificial Intelligence to algae, gender to generative algorithms, biometrics, affective computing, and sonic arts, EXCEPT/0N presents to the world a spectrum of the possibilities of creative computation, which is richer for the diversity and interplay in methods.

Held in the striking St James Hatcham building at our New Cross campus, EXCEPT/0N features work by students on the MA (one year) and MFA (two year) courses, based within the Department of Computing.

Where: Hatcham St James (church), St James, New Cross SE14 6AD Map
Opening party:
6pm-9pm Thursday 10 September 2015
Exhibition continues: Fri 10am-7pm / Sat – Sun 12pm-8pm / Mon 10am-7pm
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The participating artists explain:

“In society, machines are widely available and technology becomes more transparent day by day. As artists, incorporating technology and computation into our working practice allows us to communicate in a language, which is shared across cultures.

“As music and art can be said to be ‘universal’ languages, so code can be understood as the common language of machines worldwide. Our creative approach to the use of technology, programming and machines allows us to communicate our vision and interact with others through society, technology, and across the vast space of human experience.”

Dr Mick Grierson, MA/MFA Computational Arts Programme Leader, says:

“Our students can program computers, make robots, and build mobile applications, but they aren’t simply engineers and technicians – they are examples a new form of media and fine art practitioner, capable of understanding and controlling complex computational technology in creative ways, for the purpose of producing entirely new works of art.”

EXCEPT/0N is the result of a year of intense study, equally focused on technical and critical aspects of computational arts.

The exhibition previews on Thursday 10 September at 6pm and will run until 14 September. Special performances have been scheduled for the exhibition’s opening night.