The event has been postponed for now due to COVID-19.

Virtual Reality (VR) and its sister Augmented Reality (AR) are becoming accessible tools for scientists outside of computing, while scientific data visualisation is gathering more interests from the VR/AR industry as one potential “killer app”. In this workshop, we explore scientific spaces in/via VR/AR, from molecular and cellular visualisation and 3D interactions to science communication and outreach.

Led by scientists and technologists from the Crick Institute and Goldsmiths, we invite bioscientists, VR/AR and graphics experts, as well as scientific communicators to this multidisciplinary workshop.

Workshop Committee:

Dr Bruno Silva
Computing Platforms Lead, Crick
Prof William Latham
Computing DC Labs, Goldsmiths
Steve Taylor
MRC WIMM Group Leader, Oxford
Prof Frederic Fol Leymarie
Computing, Goldsmiths
Dr Sylvia Pan
Computing, Goldsmiths
Dr Richard Bingham
University of York
Nima Jamalian
Computing, Goldsmiths