New Scientist Live
London ExCeL, September 22-25 2016

Over 22 thousands visitors in 4 days at NS Live 2016;. we will be back next year.

Both versions of the game were presented in the exhibition with great great acceptance by the audience which was composed mainly by people interested in science or part of the scientific community. Families came along to play the game; the 2D game was displayed in 3 tablets and the kids loved it. We received great feedback from all the visitors.

Video of the game build shown at the exhibition


Brighton, July 12-14 2016

The annual UK games industry meeting Develop which took place in Brighton was the first time for the 2D version of the game to be shown to public. The audience was composed mainly of game developer, publisher and gamers, mostly all of the feedback came from that side; to make the experience more fun and attractive.

Video of the game build shown at the exhibition