Monthly Archives: May 2014

Members on the Team

The team includes Prof. Michael Sternberg (PI), Dr. Suhail Islam and Dr. Ioannis Fillipis at Imperial College London, and Prof. Frederic Fol Leymarie (PI) and Prof. William Latham at Goldsmiths College.

Andy Thomason (Goldsmiths) joined the team in 2015 to take the lead in development. Andy is a very experienced games developer who recently left Sony/SM systems.

Pedro Q. Leyton joined us in 2016 (after a first initial period in late 2015). Pedro completed his MSc in Computer Games and Entertainment (MSc CGE) at Goldsmiths in mid-2015.  He is our Games and Interface developer on the team, working closely with Andy.

Since the Summer of 2016, Elio de Berardinis and Federico Soncini, currently mid-way through their MSc CGE, joined our team and developed a fun to play 2D version of BioBlox, which will stand as an introduction to the 3D version. Ciaran Wilson, soon to graduate from our new MA in Computer Games Art & Design, also joined them during the Summer to help with the art and design side of the game. Richard Leinfellner, another veteran from the games industry, is helping guiding the (BioBlox-2D) team.


Kasper Jensen joined the Dockit/BioBlox project in 2014 and left in 2015. Kasper worked as the Unity3D  / Computer graphics / tablets developer.

During the Summer of 2015, Aldo Curtis and Paul Eliasz joined our team and helped re-design our interface under Unity3D. We moved from a tablet-based UI to a more generic PC/Laptop UI.

Visiting Research Fellow, Ian Shaw, games industry veteran, guided us in the early phase of the project.

Research Associate, Stephen Todd, ex-IBM researcher, 80+ patents, has done some exploratory work on negative shapes (the shape of voids, cavities) in early 2016.