Meet the staff: Prof Robert Zimmer

In the run up to the new academic year in September, we’re conducting a series of quick-fire interviews with some of the lecturers so you can meet them before you arrive. It would be only right to kick off with the Head of Department, so here you go…

Professor Robert Zimmer in 60 seconds!

What five words would you choose to describe the department? Welcoming, innovative, relaxed, creative, unique.

What do most enjoy about being Head of the Computing department? Being a head of department at Goldsmiths has enabled me to work with world class researchers in arts, humanities and social sciences to build a unique and exciting intellectual environment in the Computing Department

If you weren’t an academic, what would your dream job be? Presenter of a daytime TV.

What do you most like doing when you’re not at work? I would say…drinking wine and cooking!

What piece of advice would you give to applicants hoping to take up a university place in September? Be yourself. Be somebody better.