Graphics and Animation Coursework

Advanced Graphics Showreel from Marco Gillies on Vimeo.

As we reach the end of term students are handing in their course works and it is our opportunity to see what great work they are doing. I’ve created a brief showreel of work done on our Advanced Graphics and Animation course work. It was all done in industry standard game development platforms – either C++ and OpenGL or unity3d – and included some advanced GPU shader programming. It’s really hard to select work for the film, given that there was so much great stuff. There were many fantastic pieces of work that I couldn’t include for a number of reasons and other pieces whose technical excellence wouldn’t come over so well in a short video. The work in the film is by the following students: Brenda Saunders, Marcel Bramothe, Asei Akanuma, Kenneth Read, Hugo Kelly, Pavan Kataria, Paul Kim, Rhys Davies and Will Gallia.