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Second year Computer Science student at Goldsmiths College and dept. student co-ordinator for the Student Union.

The video, the cinemagraphs, the summer.

Summer. Wahey!

Time to pretend I didn’t do exams and that I don’t have results waiting. Apply to all the internships! I’ve been getting my creative hat out and playing around with a few new things. Cinemagraphs have been the talk on a lot of sites for the past few months. The idea is where you take a still image, and add life to it with subtle movement. It’s important that the image itself holds as a photograph and that the animation you apply is subtle, so it’s not just an animated gif. It takes some fiddling around in Photoshop to get some really nice masks and the more time you take to prep the shot, the better it’ll look. Here’s a couple of examples of ones I did from my iPhone. Just rough and quick attempts, though I’m planning on getting out the tripod and Canon to really making some impressive ones!

Matt Huxley Cinemagraph
Matt Huxley Cinemagraph
Matt Huxley Kettle Cinemagraph
Matt Huxley Kettle Cinemagraph

I think they turned out pretty well. There’s something strangely mesmerizing about it, and I love how it incorporates a lot of photographic principles with some animation and photo editing skill.

Also, I wrote previously about making a video for a presentation I was doing. Well that’s done, and presented, so I shall leave you with this. It’s somewhat tongue in cheek, as is apparent, but fun nonetheless. It’s very dubstep, it’s very over the top, and it was very fun to make. So, make of it what you will, I suppose:

Matt, BSc Computer Science

Matt Huxley, computer science thinkerHi! I’m Matt. I’m 24 and a current second year computer science student at Goldsmiths. I’ll basically be blogging about my degree, what work or projects I’m on and any computing related work I’m doing outside of uni. Here’s a picture of me looking somewhat inspirational in my kitchen; no doubt thinking of doubles or 32 bit single precision floating point binary representation.

Currently I’m working on my Android, Networks & Web and Distributed Programming courseworks and looking forward to the exams in May. Fun! I’m also putting together a project for the Warden about the library at Goldsmiths for the student union. My contribution for the presentation will be presenting it myself and putting together a video of Library project video previewthe interviews we did. Though, an in-proportionate amount of time currently is going into an excessive and perhaps joke intro. Think dubstep, and lens flares, and contrast. Yeah, about that.


Outside of uni I work for a company iBid as one of their technicians. They provide wireless silent bidding systems for auctions and events. So I set up the wireless networks in the big event halls/rooms in connection to our server, set up all the tablets and configure them for the tables and manage the guestlist/table number database throughout the night. We also set up the displays and dynamic leaderboards on stages and TVs around the room, so it’s working with a lot of AV people too. It’s quite a lot of fun, getting to be privy to VIP celebrity auctions but pretty long hours and hard work. Most of them don’t finish way beyond midnight, so not for everyone.

Hopefully I can put some examples of what I’m doing as I progress and as deadlines loom next week I’m sure spotting something I missed on the marking criteria will give me something to show off I’ve just done. Back to work!