FoldSynth is a physics based interactive visualisation platform for molecular strands.


A screenshot of the FoldSynth application, showing a DNA molecule with visualisation of 3D structure derived from contact probability constrains and WIG annotation data mapped to strand radius. Beneath this is a distance matrix, in this instance reflecting the current state of the model in the simulation. A close up portion of this matrix is also shown for a particle in the simulation that the user has selected via mouse.

It is designed to provide an engaging way to explore and understand the structure and composition of biological molecules, with applications to DNA, proteins and RNA.

By running a coarse, residue-level rather than fully atomic molecular dynamics simulation, it is possible for a typical desktop or laptop computer to compute these dynamics in realtime for a variety of molecule scales, with a high degree of interactivity. This enhanced level of interactivity combined with the simultaneous display of 3D spatial visualisation with more abstract – and as such, often less comprehensible – 2D and 1D diagrams allows the user to gain a tacit understanding of the nature of these abstract relationships.

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