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My face
Photo (c) Shelley Glimcher 2017

I am a Senior Lecturer in Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London. I am affiliated with the Embodied AudioVisual Interaction (EAVI) group, along with a number of other amazing folks. I also supervise research in the Soundlab at Princeton University, where I was an Assistant Professor prior to relocating to Goldsmiths.

My research

My students and I work on a variety of projects developing new technologies to enable new forms of human expression, creativity, and embodied interaction. Much of my current research combines techniques from human-computer interaction, machine learning, and signal processing to allow people to apply machine learning more effectively to new problems, such as the design of new digital musical instruments and gestural interfaces for gaming and health. I am also involved in projects developing rich interactive technologies for digital humanities scholarship, and using digital music creation to engage youth in learning computer programming and computational thinking. For more information, please see my CV.

Download the Wekinator

my software for real-time, interactive machine learning, available here.

Study with me

I am currently accepting new PhD students at Goldsmiths. I am no longer accepting new PhD students at Princeton. I am especially interested in working with students who have:

  • a strong background (in many cases a Master’s degree) in computer science and/or digital music or art
  • proven experience in at least some of the following areas: machine learning, human-computer interaction, signal processing, game design, accessible interfaces, creation of interactive digital art and/or music, gesture and/or audio analysis
  • demonstrated research capability (such as prior publications)
  • a strong interest in interdisciplinary research spanning HCI, machine learning, the arts, and/or design
  • a desire to join a unique and dynamic Computing Department known internationally for its strength in research related to music, the arts, design, and other creative disciplines

If this sounds like you, please start with the following:

  1. Look through information about Goldsmiths’ PhD programmes in Computer ScienceArts & Computational Technology, and Intelligent Games and Games Intelligence
  2. Look into the main funding opportunities for PhD students in our department, which are the IGGI doctoral training centre (for people with an interest in games) and the CHASE AHRC doctoral training partnership (for Arts & Computational Technology applicants). Ensure that if you would like to apply for one of these programmes, you are aware of the application deadlines. Know that these programmes are very competitive, even moreso for international applicants.
  3. Contact me via email so we can communicate before you submit an application. Please note that I tend to ignore the large number of “form letter” mass emails I receive, so if you would like a reply, please include specific information about how your background and interests fit the profile above.

Contact me

Dr. Rebecca Fiebrink
Department of Computing
Goldsmiths, University of London
London, SE14 6NW