Ida Pu

Dr Ida Pu (PhD, University of Warwick) is a lecturer in Computer Science, Goldsmiths, University of London. Her research has centred on the design and analysis of algorithms, and crosses various application areas such as  mobile data communications, networks, data compression, computer security and MRI data analysis.

Ida’s interests in average case analysis of algorithmic performance falls in a challenging but rewarding research area. Apart from classical deterministic and sequential algorithmic work, she published also in the more difficult areas of parallel and randomised algorithms. Her earlier projects aim to develop parallel algorithms for uniform generation at random of combinatorial structures (e.g. paths, spanning trees, random graphs and strings) that occur in many applications. The constant worst case access time achieved in the matricial space economy project helps explain formally why the simple approach introduced seems to be so useful in practice. The error propagation project quantifies the errors in diffusion tensor imaging. The project of expanding ring search develops energy-efficient search algorithms for mobile Ad Hoc networks, and the brain functional imaging project develops MR imaging techniques to study brain characteristics and functions. Ida’s recent research interests include efficient algorithms for large data sets and collective intelligence in applications in body networks and brain imaging.

Ida has a wide technical experience in Computer Science. She has taught many main courses in Computer Science in areas of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Security, Data Compression, Data Structures, Algorithm Design, Computer Communication and Networks, Databases, Computer Programming (e.g. in Java, UNIX/Linux, Miranda, C, MATLAB, Pascal, Fortran, COBOL, Assembly Language), Electronics, and Discrete Mathematics. Many of these courses have been taught in Goldsmiths, both locally and internationally via the international programmes of the University of London. Some were taught overseas in Beijing, HK and Singapore. She has also published six subject guides for the University of London.

Ida has been invited and served as an external examiner for the Xian Liverpool Jaotong University, China; King’s College London; Queen Mary University of London; University of Liverpool; Liverpool John Moore University; Buckinghamshare New University; and the University of London, UK.

Authored Books

I M Pu, Fundamental Data Compression, Elsevier, 2006, ISBN 978-0-7506-6310-6, ISBN 0-7506-6310-3

I M Pu and S Miao, Laboratories for Modern Electronics, Beijing University of Technology Publisher, 1989, ISBN: 7-5639-0026-8 (in Chinese)

Other publications

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