Christophe Rhodes

Christophe Rhodes is a lecturer in Computing, with interests in large-scale multimedia databases, applications of graph theory in humanities study, and mining social media for unexpected connections.

He combines his research and teaching with being co-founder and chair of Teclo Networks AG, a company supplying network equipment and analytics consultancy, an active classical music performance practice, and open source software maintenance and development.


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Transforming Musicology
Transforming Musicology is funded under the AHRC Digital Transformations in the Arts and Humanities scheme. It seeks to explore how emerging technologies for working with music as sound and score can transform musicology, both as an academic discipline and as a practice outside the university. The work is being carried out collaboratively between Goldsmiths College, Queen Mary College, Oxford University, the Oxford e-Research Centre, and Lancaster University with an international partner at Utrecht University.

Teclo Networks AG
Around the world Teclo is using its knowledge and experience in TCP/IP data acceleration to help mobile operators and businesses significantly improve the speed, stability and efficiency of data delivery across networks. Performance improvement can be significant – even where latest generation hi-speed technology is being used – and the benefits, immediate.

If you are are a business looking to improve the efficiency of information delivery into and around your workspace, take a look at our Enterprise Solutions section. If you are the operator of a mobile network then go to our Mobile Operator Solutions section.

Online Music Recognition And Searching (or Ontology-driven Music Retrieval & Annotation Sharing service) is a framework for annotating and searching collections of both recorded music and digital score representations such as MIDI. The project is funded by the EPSRC.