More selected projects


by: Kotryna Sajeviciute


In this blog post I would like to introduce the amazing creative Digital Arts studio ‘Wildbytes’. I would like to show some of their best projects, technologies they use, also their project that inspired me the most. 

Wildbytes studio produce creative solutions based on innovative technology, they create wide range of interactive projects, animation performances, produces large-scale events worldwide. They are unique with their works and they come up with new wild ideas every day and as they describe “transform them into magical experiences”. Wildbytes projects involve projection mapping, interaction, mobile, computer vision and more. Digital artists cooperate with a lot of large companies like National Geographic, AT&T, Casio, E-ON, Vodafone, Fox Crime and Movistar. 

Their work


They did various spectacular projects around the world. Wildbytes use a lot of real time projection mapping and Kinect with their projects. One of the most popular interactive projects they did in couple cities is called 'SUPERHERO'. They transformed buildings into a playground where the people could become super heroes. 'Superhero' project is a Kinect-controlled architectural projection that uses buildings as canvases. The real-time project stunned the audience with amazing effects and cinematic sounds. There was a stage where the person had to stand, the Kinect cameras mapped the person's body and translated person's movements onto the super heroes’ movements which were displayed on the building's wall. There were certain gestures that person could have done to make super powers, such as flying, throwing energy balls, become huge or tiny, move fast as speed of light, paint the building and more. It is always nice to interact with the art piece especially if it is something to do with new technologies. “SUPERHEROES” was amusing not only for the kids, but for adults as well. It is inspirational to see how you can use technologies to create something so unique.


Brain Games

Wildbytes did more serious projects as well. Well known company - National Geographic asked Wildbytes to create an innovative and surprising event for one of their TV Shows “Brain Games”. They did brain experiment in which anyone could participate. The main idea was to show what is going on in peoples’ brains. With the help of the brain sensor and custom-made software to analyze people’s brain activity they visualized person’s reaction when being tricked by the magician. Visualizations were projected on the digital billboard. For the project, they used EEG Brain Sensor, Custom-Made C++ Software, Real-Time Visualizations and 3D Animation. This is very unusual and exciting project which is also very useful as you can find out how your brain works. I found it very interesting, everyone would like to know what is going on inside of the brain, so it is nice that these kinds of projects can let you find out a bit about this mysterious part of us. 

Live Projection Mapping with Kat Von D

And finally this last project is the one that I like the most and that inspired me a lot. Projection mapping was always one of the thing that I find it very interesting and would like to try it myself.
Together with Kat Von D, Wildbytes created first-ever real-time face tracking and projection mapping performed at a live event, on stage.
Kat Von D is an American tattoo artist and model. She owns a well-known cosmetic line 'Kat Von D Beauty'. She is unique and eccentric personality. Her cosmetics company is worldwide and sells high quality various cosmetics. The world was astonished with her real-time face tracking and projection mapping performance that she did with Wildbytes creative studio. The idea was to promote the beauty line.
A live projection mapping event where 3D rendered images that were projected on over Kat Von D’s face. All those images and animations floated along her movements. There were various images of sculls, roses, flying butterflies, very realistic face, different make ups, patterns and more. To make the performance more powerful there was live music that played along animations displayed on the model.
For the live performance, they used technologies such as real-time face tracking to render animations on the model, VFX and Post Production.
This whole performance was incredible and exciting to watch. Every second of it was very detailed and spectacular. It looks like a very difficult thing to do, knowing that the performer is moving, music that its rhythm was supposed to match movements and animation.