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Ahmed Mohamed - Programming Art

by: Ahmed Mohamed


The outcome of my project was unexpected. It is an outcome of several experiements i had done using p5.js which was to create pieces of Net Art that are visual programs coded from P5js.  My work explores the web page by utilizing the boundaries of width and height.

I have used all the programs to create with P5js which had been uploaded to my website. P5js is great developing tool which lets the program run on the web without downloading any plugins. The program can be accessed universally without installing any material which is why it is a great way for viewers to view and interact with ease. The software itself is user friendly which lets you see preview of your work as you go along editing. 

Developing further into my project I decided to use gif to display my work , I had used a screen software recorder and an online gif maker to convert my programs  to create  animated images.  The ideas came from experimenting with shapes and colours on P5js which lead me to create variations of my programs. 



My work relates to an artist called Rafael Rozendaal because my work involves in interactive visual artwork with the aid of programming to create captivating new media. I decided to use P5js as my medium which allowed me to incorporate interaction in to one of my programs. 

I wanted my audience to feel sense of peace by achieving this through the simplicity of the programs. I placed the patterns in a way so that the viewer can be satisfied when looking at the screen. By carefully choosing out the colours and layout it had given my work an aesthetic value to it.

Building my project at the time , I had come across technical difficulties  which were mostly faced when building the programs. Coming up with ideas for the programs was quit challenging as I was new to the software, furthermore making the programs interactive as well. What the hardest part was looking for different variations of the programs, what helped me a lot  was researching  programs made by other people and using it as a source of inspiration. As I was creating my programs I was still learning new aspects of coding , I found some useful programs on Codepen which helped me shape my work.