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Book launch: Contemporary Sensorimotor Theory

sensorimotorWhy does a circle look curved and not angular? And why does red not sound like a bell?

To answer these questions, Goldsmiths’ Professor of Cognitive Computing Mark Bishop has co-edited the new book Contemporary Sensorimotor Theory.

Over the course of 16 essays, the book takes examples from human-computer interaction, children’s play, virtual reality, robotics and linguistics to analyse the philosophical foundations of sensorimotor theory – and introduce a radically new approach in cognitive science.

Mark Bishop and his co-editor Andrew Martin will launch the book at Goldsmiths’ New Academic Building at 7pm Monday 31 March 2014. All are welcome – email to book a place.

Mark Bishop is Professor of Cognitive Computing at Goldsmiths.

‘Alan Turing: His Work and Impact’ wins award for academic publishing

Prof Mark Bishop has won a top award for academic publishing for his contribution to Alan Turing: his Work and Impact, which won the R.R. Hawkins award at the 2013 Prose Awards.

In popular culture, the great English polymath Alan Turing is perhaps best remembered for his work on the BOMBE, the giant electro-mechanical devices that were used for Ultra secret intelligence work carried out at Bletchley Park in World War II. This work would help break the German Enigma machine’s encrypted war-time signals; work so valuable it subsequently led Churchill to reflect that “it was thanks to Ultra that we won the war”.

In my area of research – Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) – Turing is better known for the seminal reflections on machine intelligence outlined in his 1950 paper Computing Machinery and Intelligence.

This paper focussed on the core philosophical question: “can a machine think?” This is a question which, in its literal form, Turing famously described as being “too meaningless to deserve discussion”.

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