Fluid Gesture Interaction Design

The GIDE gesture design interface

Fluid gesture interaction design: applications of continuous recognition for the design of modern gestural interfaces, Bruno Zamborlin’s new paper (that I helped on) is about to be published, you can access it on the Goldsmiths Repository:


The paper is based on Frédéric Bevilacqua’s Gesture Following algorithm for continuous gestures recognition (which Bruno worked on), but in this worked we really looked carefully at the HCI of gesture interface design. If you want people to design good gesture interfaces it isn’t enough to have good gesture recognition software, you need design tools that support them in doing so. In particular you need to support them in tweaking parameters to get optimal performance and help them know what to do when things don’t work as expected. Bruno showed in this paper, how real time visual and auditory feedback about the recognition process can help people design better interfaces more quickly.

Also published on Medium.