Geraint has a PhD in musical composition from the Faculty of Music of Edinburgh University. He was supervised by Prof. Nigel Osborne. His work ranges across instrumental, choral and electronic music, and is based on the idea of local tonality within dynamic modal systems, and includes experimentation with mixed tuning systems. He is also interested in algorithmically generated music.

better now
for computer, sampler and telephone answering machine.
Performed Edinburgh College of Art, 25th May 1992; Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh, March 1993.
Creation's Hymn
for electronic orchestra, after ``from spiralling ecstatically this'' of e. e. cummings.
Performed (with dance by June Adamson and slides by Michael Jones) Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh, 26th/27th March 1992; Edinburgh College of Art, 25th May 1992.
Water & Ice
for flute, oboe, 'cello and harp.
Performed Demarco European Foundation, Edinburgh, 30th November 1993; Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh, March 1994; Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, 30th September 1994.
Recorded by One Voice, OVCD01.
Party Games
for electronic orchestra.
Performed (with dance by June Adamson), Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh, 4th/5th March 1994.
Four Quartets
for 3 string quartets, after ``Burnt Norton'' of T S Eliot
3rd mvt performed Tramway Theatre, Glasgow, 5th February 1998; Greyfriars Kirk, Edinburgh, 6th February 1998.
for French horn and piano
Performed Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh, 1995.
Recorded by One Voice, OVCD01.
for Flute, Oboe, 'Cello and Harp (four movements, including Water & Ice - see above)
Peformed Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, 1995, 1998.
not even the rain
for 3 countertenors and large orchestra, setting 5 poems by e. e. cummings.
Completed June 2004.

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