William Latham MA (RCA), BFA (Oxon).


1974 to 1979 Stowe School .
1979 to 1982 Oxford University . BA (Oxon) First.
1982 to 1985 The Royal College of Art. London . MA (RCA)

Research Fellow IBM UK Scientific Research Centre. (1987 to 1993)  

William worked in the field of advanced Computer Graphics Research, at IBM Hursley and has become well known for his pioneering work at that time.. A number of IBM Patents and published technical papers resulted from his work which were used by IBM for a variety of commercial applications worldwide. Software developed included “Mutator” Software with associated applications in Design, Financial Spreadsheet and Art. The computer art William created during this period became well known around the world and shown in countless exhibitions/


Co-author of book "Evolutionary Art and Computers" with Stephen Todd .
Published by Academic Press. ISBN: 012437185X

Selected Books:

“New Media in Late 20 th -Century Art” Michael Rush, Publisher: Thames and Hudson .
“Digital Art”. Christiane Paul. Publisher: Thames and Hudson .

Selected Films

Film Title Description
A Sequence from the Evolution of Form” 35mm Film. 2.5 minutes IBM Opened SIGGRAPH 98 Film Show.
Biogenesis 5 min Computer Animated Film Arts Council and Channel 4
Organic TV 60 minutes looped. South Bank Centre.

One Person Exhibitions:-

1987 “The Conquest of Form” The Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol . UK
The tours for over four years to:- The Minories Gallery, Colchester . UK
The Milton Keynes Gallery. UK
Dean Clough Gallery, Halifax . UK
Cooper Art Gallery , Barnsley . UK
The Hatton Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne . UK
The Harris Museum , Preston . UK
The Natural History Museum . London . UK (1990)
The City Art Gallery Dublin . Ireland (1991)
Karlsrue , Hanover , Germany (1991)
Deutches Museum Munich . Germany (1991)
Cultural History Museum . Magdeburg . Germany . (1991)
1990 “The Empire of Form”. O Art Museum in Tokyo , Japan . (Sponsored by British Council)
Then tours for 6 months to The State Bank. Adelaide . Australia .
The National Gallery of Art and Science, Canberra , Australia .
The David Jones Gallery, Australia .
“Mutations”. The Flaxman Gallery, London .
1991 “Organic Television”. (Video Installation) Manchester City Art Gallery , UK .
The tours to:- . Main Foyer, The South Bank Centre, London .
“Latham Computer Art” The Connaught Brown Gallery. Mayfair, London .
“Mutation X Show” Ghislave Gallery, Paris . France .

Group Exhibitions.

1995 “ARS International Modern Art”. Helsinki , Finland .
1993 “Mutation Room”. British Council Show in Hong Kong .
1991 “Computer Art” Centre George Pompidou, Paris. France .
1988 “Zenit Deposito D'Art”. Turin . Italy
“Computer Art Exhibition”. Utrecht , Holland .
“Whitechapel Open”. Whitechapel Gallery, London .
1987 Royal College of Art Show . Concourse Gallery, The Barbican, London .
International Print Biennal Print Show. Tapai Fine Arts Museum , Taipei . Korea .
1985 St.Georges Crypt. London .


Victoria and Albert Museum ,
Rank Xerox Ltd.
Estate of Roberto Matta (Surrealist Painter).
IBM Art Collection.

Film Festivals / Computer Animation Festivals (Selected).

William Latham Films and Artworks shown at:-
•  Siggraraph. Atlanta USA .
Imagina. Monte Carlo .
3 rd International Video Festival, Geneva .
1989 Computer Animation 89, Geneva , Switzerland
Art and Nouvelles Technologies 89. Montreal , Canada .
International Broadcasting and Telecommunications Show. Milan
Eurographics. Hamberg
Siggraph, Boston , USA
Art Futura, Barcelona , USA
Pixim, Palaise des Congres. Paris .
Niccograph, Tokyo , Japan .
1990 Siggraph 90, Dallas , USA
Imagina. Monte Carlo .
Ausgraph. Melbourne .
Ars Electronica, Linz . Austria .
Niccograph. Tokyo . Japan .
Computer Animation Festival. London
Supercomputing 90. Chicago . USA .
Biennial of the Moving Image. Madrid . Spaon.
Sisea. Gronigan
Montreal International Computer Film Festival

William Latham Lectures (Selected) :-

Presentations at E3 Trade Show in Los Angeles and Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas . 1994 - 2003
Lecture tours of Australia , Germany
O Art Museum Tokyo . (sponsored by IBM).
Lecture tours of Australia (Sydney and Melbourne) and Germany
Museum of Modern Art Helsinki.
Unesco in Paris .
“Art Futura” Conference. Barcelona .
Lectures and Regular Visits to The University of Teeside .
Lectures and visits to Bournemouth College of Art.
Victoria and Albert Museum . “Computer Games and Moral Issues”. 2003.
Brighton University . “Art versus Technology”. 2003

Invited Presentations and Papers (selected)   
1993 SIGGRAPH Panel CaUi: The Applications of Evolutionary and Biological Processes to Computer Art and Animation
1990 8th EUROGRAPHICS UK , Bath CaUi: Sculpting and Painting by Computer

TV Interviews include: - BBC2 Horizon, BBC1Tomorrows World, Channel Arts Programs, Japanese TV and many more.

Press Interviews include: - Guardian, Telegraph, Sunday Times, Scientific America, Computing Magazine, Independent, New Scientist, Le Monde, PC Format, Edge Magazine, PS2 Magazine, Xbox Official Magazine, PC World, Zoom Magazine and many more.

IBM Invited Presentations and Papers  
 1993 SIGGRAPH Panel CaUi: The Applications of Evolutionary and Biological Processes to Computer Art and Animation
1990 8th EUROGRAPHICS UK , Bath  CaUi: Sculpting and Painting by Computer
Book Chapters  

1989 “Computers in Art, Design and Animation” Year of Publication: Published 1989 from papers in 86/87.
Springer-Verlag New York, Inc.   New York , NY , ISBN:0-387-96896-2 . Chapter:- “Form synth: the rule-based evolution of complex forms from geometric primitives”. Pages: 80 - 108   Author William Latham.
May 1999  Stephen Todd and William Latham, chapter from "Evolutionary Design by Computers", ed Peter J Bentley, ISBN 1-55860-605-X CaUi: The Mutation and Growth of Art by Computers
1989 S Todd, chapter from "Prolog and databases: implementations and new directions" (pp108-117), Halstead Press, ISBN: 0-470-21221-7, 1989 DB: An interface from Prolog to a binary relational database
Referred Conference   
1990 Todd S, Latham W, invited panel, 8th Eurographics UK Conference, Bath, April CaUi: Evolution of Programs for Defining Sculptural Forms

CEO Computer Artworks Ltd. CEO (1993 to 2003).

Computer Artworks Ltd core business was Computer Games and Entertainment products for Playstation 2, Xbox PC, Mobile and Online multiplayer working with the major International Games Publishers. Computer Artworks annual turnover was £4m to £5m approx
Founded in 1993 Computer Artworks worked mainly in Film, TV and Music Post Production for 4 years doing service work for a variety of clients including BMG, Polydor, 20 th Century Fox, DTS and SONY Music.
William then expanded the company into the area of Computer Games for Playstation 1 + 2, Xbox and PC. Gaining a huge amount of knowledge about the cross over between the film / TV Industry and Games Industry.

Main Responsibilities: -

As CEO William had overall commercial running of company, finding and closing new business and strategic decision-making, the role also included being Creative Director.

Strategic Work Included: -

•  Design work on DJ product for SONY SCEE on PSP (Sony's Walkman of the 21 st Century) content.
•  Worked with Microsoft Redmond and Rendermophics on inclusion of products using Direct 3D in Windows 95 and Windows 98 Plus pack.
•  Set up High Level Advance Technical Programs with:
Intel ( Germany ), Microsoft ( USA ), SONY (Europe), Nokia ( UK ), to secure new technology before competitors.

Computer Artworks Products. 1997 to 2003:-

Product Publisher / Client.

Organic Art (PC) Warner Interactive
Organic Art Special Edition (PC)
For Windows 95 Microsoft.
For Windows 98 Plus Pack Microsoft.
Organic Art Deluxe. (PC) Mattel / The Learning Company. .
Evolva (PC, Online Multiplayer) Virgin Interactive Europe, Interplay USA
3 Mobile phone games Nokia
3 Prototype Game Designs BSKYB Interactive
The THING (Playstation 2,Xbox, PC) Universal Studios, USA and worldwide.
Published in Japan by Konami.
A Number 1 Hit. Sells over 1 million Units on all formats world-wide.
The THING2 (Playstation 2,Xbox) Universal Vivendi (First Playable).
TideJackers. (Playstation 2, Xbox) SCi (First Playable)
Alone in the Dark (Playstation 2) Atari (First Playable).
SONY DJ (Playstation2, PSP) SONY SCEE (Pre-Alpha).
A DJ Music Product To be ported to PSP.

Games Audit Ltd CEO (2003 – onwards)
A small company specialising in Project Management and Games Auditing for Banks and Investors.
Clients include Ingenious, Add Partners, IDGVE

Running Stream Professor of Creative Technology at Leeds Metropolitan University. (2005-06)

Research Fellow of Goldsmiths, University of London. (2006)

Professor of Computing, Goldsmiths, University of London. (since 2007)