AISB Symposium

Style in text: creative generation and identification of authorship

In conjunction with the 2008 AISB Convention

***** Note extended deadline for submissions *****

Deadline for paper submission:

1 February 2008

Notification to authors:

22 February 2008


3 April 2008

Organisers and symposium chairs

Rodger Kibble (
Sarah Rauchas (

Department of Computing
Goldsmiths, University of London
Lewisham Way, London SE14 6NW


This symposium aims to draw together researchers from two areas that have recently received attention: creative computing and forensic computational linguistics. We wish to foster interchange of experience and ideas from researchers interested in automated generation of text under various stylistic constraints, and researchers interested in identifying the authorship, origin or style of given texts. This can be viewed as two sides of a coin: creative generation or production of text; and identification of specific creative or distinctive factors.

We hope to attract participants from diverse areas, including but not limited to: computational linguistics, computer creativity, forensic linguistics, natural language generation, computers and law, statistical approaches in computational linguistics, corpus linguistics, script and multimedia production, and literature.

Theoretical positions, practical implementations, and discussion papers are all welcomed.

Student support

We welcome submissions from students, either on their own or jointly with supervisors.

A "Best Student Paper" award will be given to the best student written paper submitted to the convention. There are also three student scholarships. AISB sponsors all of these awards.

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