13. Release Notes

13.1. About this release

Jess 6.1p8 is a minor bugfix release.

Jess 6.1p7 contained a fairly major change in the way concurrent access to the engine is handled. Most users shouldn't notice a difference, except those using rule salience in a multithreaded program. This last category of users should find that salience is now more "meaningful" under these conditions. Other users may notice improve liveness characteristics.

13.2. Important changes in Jess 6.1

These are a few of the many things that changed between Jess 6.0 and 6.1 that are of particular interest. Also see the change log for more information.

13.3. Porting from Jess 5 to Jess 6

Jess 6 introduces many new features, but it is mostly backwards compatible with Jess 5. This section lists a few specific areas where Jess 5 applications may need to be changed to work with Jess 6.

13.4. Past problems now fixed

The issues in this list were dealt with during the 6.1 development cycle and aren't problems any more.

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