I am interested in supervising projects in the areas of archaeology and computing, visual perception, computer graphics and interaction design (including applying skills learned in Physical Computing).

These topics will generally be suitable for students who have taken at least one of these courses:

  • Advanced Graphics and Animation
  • Interaction Design
  • Physical computing

(I am NOT interested in supervising web interface/database projects unless it's a stunningly new, exciting and research-relevant application of these.)

Topics available this year:

  • Gender bias in Interaction Design

    Why is most of the tech we use today designed for use by males rather than females? This is the case not only with comsumer devices (e.g. phones and tablets) but also with medical equipment. How does this reflect consumer behaviour? How much is influenced by the designer? Or by society? This is a research-based project and students would be expected to read and examine a wide range of academic and news sources, and to produce a high quality report that examines the issues in depth.

    Useful reading: "Technology isn't designed to fit women" http://motherboard.vice.com/read/technology-isnt-designed-to-fit-women

  • Virtual relighting of past environments

    Investigating and creating simulations of ancient buildings using 3D modelling packages and predictive lighting software.

    Suitable for students who have taken IS53032A: Advanced graphics and animation.

    Useful reading: Kate Devlin, Alan Chalmers and Duncan Brown (2003) "Predictive lighting and perception in archaeological representations". UNESCO World Heritage in the Digital Age 30th Anniversary Digital Congress.

  • Human perception and sensory enhancement

    I carry out research in an area known as enactivism and I'm interested in how we make sense of the world through perception. I'd like to supervise students who would be interested in working on ways to measure perception and ways to enhance or substitute our senses.

    Suitable for students with good research skills and who are interested in theory; students who have taken IS53032A: Advanced graphics and animation or who can use 3D modelling software. Some statistics experience also useful.

    Useful reading: O'Regan and Noe, 2000. "What it is like to see: A sensorimotor theory of perceptual experience". URL: http://nivea.psycho.univ-paris5.fr/Synthese/MyinFinal.html

  • Interaction

    I am open to supervising projects integrating usability and interaction with physical computing.

    Suitable for students who have taken Interaction Design and Physical Computing.

  • Cognition and perception

    I am open to supervising projects that explore aspects of perception and cognition.

  • Photography and imaging

    I am open to supervising projects involving photography, especially HDR (but from a technical imaging point of view, i.e. not anything involving creating a photo gallery or the like).