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Dr Ida Pu , PhD (Warwick), is a lecturer in Computer Science and director of postgraduate studies at Goldsmiths, University of London. Her research interests centre on algorithmics covering various application areas such as
Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Data Analytics, Data Communications and Networking, Data Compression, MR Diffusion Imaging, and Music Analysis. She leads Algorithms and Computer Networks research group and is a member of Artificial Intellegence group.

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CIS325 CIS223/340 CIS109

Research | Projects | Publications | PhD/MPhil | Useful links  | She has worked on
  • randomized, parallel, probabilistic and average case algorithmics
  • parallel generation of combinatorial structures (e.g. paths, spanning trees, random graphs and strings) uniformly at random.
  • matricial space economy with constant worst case access time
  • geometric distortions in diffusion-weighted images, and
  • problems in various application areas such as data communications and networking, data compression, image processing and music analysis.

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