Dr Daniel Stamate

Department of Computing
Goldsmiths, University of London
London SE14 6NW, United Kingdom
Email: d.stamate AT gold.ac.uk Tel: 02078962605

Office: Room 5, Block 1/B (TCIDA), Saint James Hall

Profile and activity

  • I am a Senior Lecturer in Data Science, research team leader, Data Science MSc Programme Director, and industry AI – Machine Learning expert speaker and consultant. I established and lead the Data Science & Soft Computing Lab, and initiated, designed and run the MSc in Data Science at Goldsmiths - which inspired and was mostly replicated into similar online programme to come at University of London. I have a background in Computer Science and Mathematics, holding an MSc degree in Computer Science & Mathematics from University of Iasi - Faculty of Mathematics, and a PhD in Computer Science from University of Paris-Sud - LRI Computer Science Laboratory, Orsay.

  • Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Manchester.

  • Research profile
    My current research is in the broader areas of Data Science and AI – Machine Learning, NLP. In particular I am interested in Machine Learning, Statistical Learning, and Predictive Modelling with a particular focus on: (a) NLP, text mining and sentiment analysis approaches to stock market forecasting and fraud detection; (b) Predictive modeling & computational psychiatry – ongoing work in collaboration with Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King’s College London; (c) Predicting risk of dementia using routine primary care records, work in collaboration with University of Manchester and other partner universities; (d) Novel machine and statistical learning approaches to understand heterogeneous manifestations of asthma in early life, work in collaboration with the Department of Medicine, Imperial College London; (e) Decision trees and ensemble based methods with parameterised impurity families and statistical pruning (f) Mobility big data analytics – focusing on analysing smart card Oyster data of Transport for London. Another component of my research focuses on data uncertainty approaches, and soft computing. I previously worked in statistical databases, databases with uncertain information, and information integration.
    For more details see research work and selected publications.

  • Research projects:

    July 2018 – July 2020, Chief Co-Investigator at Goldsmiths: Predicting risk of dementia using routine primary care records. ARUK grant £240,000 in collaboration with University of Manchester. My share is £110,000 and I'm leading on the Machine Learning aspects of this study funded by Alzheimer's Research UK covered on BBC News. We are hiring a Research Associate in Machine Learning.

    September 2017-September 2019, Project Coordinator: Data Science Research and Postgraduate Mobility. EU Erasmus+ funded, 54,000 Euro. Goldsmiths' partner institution: National Research Tomsk State University.

    ◆ April 2014- April 2018,
    Project Coordinator: Prediction Modelling Approaches to Data-driven Computational Psychiatry. Funding body: Saudi Government, value £175,000+, supporting PhD work of Wajdi Alghamdi.

    ◆ April 2000- March 2002,
    Principal Investigator: Integrating imperfect information from multiple web sources, EU funded, 108,000 Euro Marie Curie Individual Grant.

Current or recent activities and roles

PhD supervision (applicants interested in Machine Learning and NLP research topics and their interdisciplinary applications are welcome to contact me)

  • Rapheal Olaniyan, part time PhD candidate in Computer Science (Data Science), working in NLP and Machine Learning Approaches to Sentiment Analysis & Stock Market Prediction. Started 2014 (1st supervisor). Currently Core Modeller Data Scientist at Deutsche Bank.

  • Mohamed Saber, part time PhD candidate in Computer Science (Data Science), working in Financial Fraud Detection. Started 2018 (1st supervisor).
    Currently Data Scientist at Deutsche Bank.

  • Richard Smith, part time PhD candidate in Computer Science (Data Science). Started 2019 (1st supervisor). Currently Data Scientist at Deutsche Bank.

  • Mihai Ermaliuc, part time PhD candidate in Computer Science, working in Generative Adversarial Networks. Started 2018 (1st supervisor).

  • Jiri Marek, part time PhD candidate in Computer Science, working in Behavioural Finance, started 2017 (1st supervisor).


  • Wajdi Alghamdi, PhD in Computer Science (Data Science), Goldsmiths, completed June 2018, (1st supervisor)

  • Majed Alsanea, PhD in Computer Science, Goldsmiths, completed 2015, (2nd supervisor)

  • Yann Loyer, PhD in Computer Science, University of Paris-Sud, France, completed 2001, (2nd advisor)

Current or recent courses

MSc Data Science:
Machine Learning & Statistical Data Mining
Data Science Research Topics
Final Project

Past recent courses:
Data Mining,
in MSc Computing
Advanced Database Technologies - Data Warehousing and Data Mining,
in BSc and MSc Computing
Database Systems,
in BSc Computing
Databases, Networks and the Web,
in BSc Computing
Digital Research Methods: Computational Statistics and Data Mining; Statistical Data Mining,
in MA/MSc Digital Sociology
MA/MSc Digital Journalism
MA/MSc Creating Social Media
MSc Digital Entrepreneurship