Final Project Module
Data Science MSc
Module Leader: Daniel Stamate

Final Project presentation

Submission and viva

Submission deadline:
3pm, 11 September 2017

What and how to submit (required):
- Online, on the Course Submission entry for the Final Project module on intranet: the report file in pdf format, and a zipped archive with your code files, AND
- 2 hard copies of your project thesis, handed to the Student Office, Department of Computing, 25 St James.

Viva (required):
Date and time to be announced by email. This will normally take place in your supervisor’s office. It will last for up to 40 minutes, including the presentation and demonstration of your project, and questions from the panel. You can bring your laptops and you can use slides for your project presentation. The presentation and demonstration of your project will be allocated up to 25 minutes. Questions from the panel will be allocated up to 15 minutes.

Guidelines on the project thesis

The thesis of the final project may include roughly up to 80-100 pages not counting in the annexes (in particular the annex with complete codes is required). This depends of course of the type of the project – a thesis containing many formulae for instance might be denser and thus be shorter.

A recommended structure for the report of the final project is provided below.

1. Title page

Including affiliation (College, Department, Programme), project title, student name, supervisor

2. Abstract

3. Introduction
Describing the theme of the project, the importance of the research question at hand, and outlining the way you are going to tackle it.

4. Literature review
What others did related to this research question; citing and critically discussing their work.

5. Methodology
This may include the description of the system design and implementation if it is a practical/implementation project, or the research solution and novel approach that you propose for the problem at hand if it is a research project, or a combination if it is a research & implementation project.

6. Discussion of results
This may include the testing and evaluation of your system if an implementation project, and/or discussing and comparing your research based novel approach with respect to relevant approaches in existing literature if a research project.

7. Conclusion
Summarizing the achievements of the project and discussing potential extensions.

8. References
Sources of information you consulted and cited in the report.

9. Annexes
Including codes and anything else you want to add to your report that cannot be placed in the above parts.

Marking scheme