Data Science MSc - Goldsmiths, University of London

Data Science Research Topics

Module Leader: Daniel Stamate 

Week 1 (12 Jan)

Discussion on specialised documentation accessible in library and from campus

Introduction and discussion of Data Science Final Project

Week 2 (19 Jan)

Coursework organisation

Project discussion

Research presentation with questions and discussion:
Predicting Psychosis using the Experience Sampling Method with Mobile Apps

Week 3 (25 Jan)

NEW Venue:
Whitehead Building Room 218

NEW Day: 25 Jan 9-11am

Presentation from Capital Enterprise on opporunities for internships in AI

Week 4 (2 Feb)

Presenting research topics in Data Science & Soft Computing Lab. Discussions on final project topics.

Week 5 (9 Feb)

Data Science in Investment Banking
by Gary Goldberg, Chief Data Officer, Mizuho Bank:
Industry talk, and discussion on internships at Mizuho Bank.

(Gary's slides were distributed by email)

Week 6 (16 Feb)

(reading week)

Caching up session of last week of the term

Support with methodologies used in medical data analysis research
Hepatitis data analysis:
Missing values imputations with KNN and Bagging
Balancing the data classes with SMOTE, UPSampling, DownSampling
Tuning NNET and SVM using 10 CV

Week 7 (23 Feb)


Week 8 (9 March)

Work on DSRT assignments

Week 10 (16 March)

Prediction modelling

Guidance on research topics chosen for projects

Week 11 (25 March)

Covered in the reading week