Advanced MUSic Encoding (AMusE)

The AMusE system consists of a set of tools that allow a user to explore the features of a piece of music or a collection, giving access to multiple representations, analytical techniques and algorithms for searching. It was designed to facilitate the sharing of tools and data by providing layered abstracted interfaces. It provides various analytical modules (such as tonal and harmonic labelling and melodic pattern finding) as well as score and MIDI preview. The framework is written in lisp, but can either call external processes or act as a server for interaction over the Internet.

Current development on amuse has three priorities:

  1. to add more principled use of the CHARM specifications (Smaill, Wiggins & Harris, 1993)
  2. to integrate semantic web technologies into the framework at all levels.
  3. to admit the annotation of musicological/music-analytic results in machine-readable form.

Between them, these will make it easier to share data and tools outside of the research group, give greater rigour and clarity to the interface and allow for automated reasoning over corpora.

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