4th International Joint Workshop on
Computational Creativity
Goldsmiths, University of London17-19 June 2007
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Computational Creativity is the study and simulation, by computational means, of behaviour, natural and artificial, which would, if observed in humans, be deemed creative.

Computational Creativity
is about creativity in
  • visual art
  • storytelling
  • science
  • music
  • mathematics
  • literature
  • dance
  • cookery
  • and anything else

CC07 aims to facilitate exchange of ideas on the topic of computational creativity. It will bring together people from AI, Cognitive Science and related areas such as Psychology, Philosophy and the Arts who research questions related to the notion of creativity with respect to computers. The workshop will address issues such as how we assess creativity in computers, how computers can model creative thought, how computers can be used to enhance human creativity, and how we can write creative software. The workshop will include papers on the many and various aspects of computational creativity, and will showcased the applications of computational creativity to the sciences, creative industries and arts. In addition, there will be a "show and tell" session, which will be devoted to demonstrations of systems exhibiting behaviour which would be deemed creative in humans.

CC07 is the first autonomous International Joint Workshop on Computational Creativity. Previous workshops were held alongside other major events:
Madrid, Spain
Edinburgh, UK
Riva del Garda, Italy

This joint series results from two previous streams of events that have, since 1997, solidified and added rigour to the computational treatment of creative processes. These events were symposia and workshops associated with AISB'99, AISB'00, ICCBR'01, AISB'01, ECAI'02, AISB'02, IJCAI'03, AISB'03 and LREC'04.