The Diasynchronoscope project:

Experiments in Choreographed Time

Carol MacGillivray and Bruno Mathez with Prof. Frederic Fol Leymarie

Contact: c.macgillivray (at) gold.ac.uk

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 The Diasynchronoscope project is a joint artistic adventure in a new medium of choreographed time. The name Diasynchronoscope comes from combining diachronic (the study of a phenomenon as it changes through time) with synchronous and scope (view). In being so named it evokes the early animation simulators such as the phenakistoscope and the zoetrope which we regard as direct ancestors of the project acting both as art objects and experimental media.

The Diasynchronoscope is a prototypical experimental medium that draws on tropes from animation film and Gestalt grouping principles but it also possesses its own syntax and grammar: Each developing artwork reveals more formalisms and boundaries inherent to the medium.

Artworks are viewed in an architectural black-out where prepared 3D objects are arranged in paths such that they change incrementally in shape and/or position. Although nothing in the space actually moves; the objects are revealed through serial illumination in the dark room sequenced using the technique of projection mapping. This technique enables creation of a dramatization over time encouraging the common perceptual shortcuts of a participant to create sequences and a narrative from static abstract objects.

Because the Diasynchronoscope is a screen-less medium videos do not replicate the experience. If you are interested in experiencing the Diasynchronoscope please contact us and we will either invite you to our studio in New Cross (South London) or to our next show.





NEW SCIENTIST     One two three is a stunning piece of art in its own right

BLUE PRINT MAGAZINE   It has a virtual reality feel but actually comprises real solid objects lit in sequences and the effect is hypnotic

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Feedback from our last exhibition (filmed interviews with spectators can be found under Artworks):

’intelligently playful’ ‘hypnotic’ ’very beautiful’ ‘like stepping into another dimension’

” A combination of art and philosophy. a profound reflection on the nature of life and a superb aesthetic experience! “

Dr Agnieszka Piotrowska  film-maker and academic

“ it invokes a sense of magic of other worldiness that I haven’t seen or experienced in an artwork before.”

Prof Mark Bishop
Professor of Cognitive Computing Goldsmiths University London
Chair of the UK Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and the simulation of Behaviour (AISB)

The Diasynchronoscope – video presentation from Diasynchronoscope on Vimeo.